Running a Century5 or DayCent5 Simulation

You can run your simulation using Century5 or DayCent5 for single site simulations, or C5MPI for many sites concurrenly using MPI. The model programs are command-line executable files. You can run your simulation from the command-line prompt in a shell, or console window.

To run a simulation, follow these steps:

  1. Specify the site parameters.
  2. Specify the management scheme.
  3. Specify the output file.
  4. Specify the fixed parameters file.
  5. Check the simulation status to be sure your configuration is correct.
  6. Run the simulation.
  7. Examine the simulation results.

For each site + management combination, you will create a command-line specifying the these files: site parameters, the management schedule, output file root name, the fixed parameters, and optionally the restart file. Your command-line will also contain options specifying the output format, and other initialization and display options. The Century5 and DayCent5 programs use a similar set of command-line options. See Command Options for details. An example of a command line is:

century5 -s site.100 -m wheat.sch -o output/site-wheat -fm gfix.100 -ts -shp -d1 -d3 

The simulation output is a set of files containing results, a log file, and optionally a new site file reflecting the state of the system and which can be used as input for another simulation.

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