Building and using the models in the Cygwin environment

Case Sensitive File Names

A default configuration setting in Microsoft Windows says to always ignore the case of a file name. In other words, by default the files "Abc.txt" and "ABC.TXT" are the same, according to Windows. Linux and other *nix operating systems (including Apple OS X) have case-sensitive file names.

A requirement for compiling the source code is that file names are case-sensitive. The Cygwin environment uses Window's configuration for this behavior. To configure Windows to use case-sensitive file names, follow the instructions in the following Cygwin page; go to the section "Case sensitive filenames". You will need Administrator privileges to change the configuration setting.

Using Cygwin: Special filenames

The setting is in the Windows registry, and involves changing an entry from 1 to 0 (zero) and rebooting Windows. Windows has the program regedit for editing the registry. BE CAREFUL! Change only that one setting. The registry is structured as a tree. Click "+" to open the next nested branch of the tree. When you reach the entry to change, right-click on the value in the right pane and select "Modify". Enter a zero and "Ok".

    `-- CurrentControlSet
        `-- Control
            `-- Session Manager
                `-- kernel
                    `-- obcaseinsensitive    <-- change to zero

Close regedit and reboot Windows. Now you can successfully compile the source code.