Crop/Grassland Fire

Parameters for a crop/grassland fire are specified in the fire.100 parameter file.

The effect of different intensities of fire in herbaceous vegetation can be parameterized by specifying the fractions of live shoots (FLFREM), standing dead (FDFREM(1)) and surface litter (FDFREM(2)) removed by a fire along with the return of N, P, and S in inorganic forms. As discussed in Grassland/Crop Submodel, fire can also affect plant growth.

The amount of C, N, P, and S removed from the system is recorded in annual accumulators. For crops and grassland, C removals are reported as annual totals in the crop/grass C output variables SDRMFA (standing dead and litter) and SHRMFA (shoots); N, P, S are returned in ERETFA(*), SDRFAE(*) (standing dead and litter), SHRFAE(*) (shoots). All C in burned litter is returned to metabolic and structural pools.

Tree Fire

Parameters for a tree fire are specified in the tree removals parameters in the trem.100 parameter file. The EVNTYP parameter = 1 specifies the removal to be a fire.

Litter burn C and N are reported in SDRMFA and SDRFAE(*) . For trees, burned C is reported as an annual total in the forest C output variable TCREM, and N, P, S are reported in TEREM(*). All C in burned tree roots in returned to soil metabolic and structural pools.

Removals from both fire and cutting events are reported in TCREM and TEREM(*).

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