Site Parameters

Site parameters can be stored in a text-format site.100 file, in a netCDF file for one site, or as an entry in a collection of sites in a spatial netCDF file identified by latitude, longitude and ID number.

A site has a name, a description, and an optional site ID number. For the netCDF container of sites, the site ID number should be unique, so that multiple sites can have the same latitude and longitude. The latitude and longitude are stored in the "Soil and physical controls" category.

A site parameter name can be up to 20 characters without spaces. The site description can by up to 80 characters and contain spaces. The range of valid ID numbers is 0 to 232 - 1 (almost 4.3e9 values). Site parameter values are stored internally (usually) as 4-byte floating-point values with about 6 significant digits.

Parameters are organized into the following categorical sets:

Additional Site Parameters for DayCent5

The soil parameter values can be replaced at run-time by specifying a soils netCDF file on the command line ("-soil"). See Soils netCDF File for more information on that file format.

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