DayCent5 Overview

The daily time-step version of the Century model, DayCent5, provides greater resolution of all the processes simulated by Century5, including production, decomposition, and soil hydrology and temperature. Additional algorithms include trace gasses and maintenance respiration. Daily weather data drives the model, though monthly weather or the site parameter's statistical monthly weather can be used. The figure DayCent5 Flow Diagram shows the general information flow between the main submodels.

In addition to the monthly output files, DayCent5 produces three output files containing daily values, and one additional monthly output file. These files are described in the following table:

Output File Type   File Name Suffix
Daily soil water and temperature   -dwt
Daily trace gas fluxes   -tg
Monthly trace gas fluxes   -mtg
Daily maintenance respiration   -gpp

Model Structure

Below is an outline showing the sequence of algorithms an submodels in DayCent5:

for each simulation year
    for each month
        initialize monthly variables
        for each day in month
            initialize daily variables
            retrieve daily weather
            calculate biomass
            soil temperature
            soil hydrology
                unsaturated flow
            potential production
            decomposition effects
            N fixation
            for each 1/4 day
                leach soil organic C, N, P, S
            if start of week: production
                production limitations
                tree dynamic C allocation
                crop/tree/savanna growth
            crop/tree/savanna removals
            leach mineral N, P, S
            trace gas submodels

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