DayCent5 Site Parameters for Hydrology

These site parameters control aspects of the soil hydrology submodel specific to DayCent5.

Parameter Descriptions

Parameter Description Units Valid Values Default Values
KSAT(1-10) Saturated hydraulic conductivity for each soil layer. A clayey soil layer may be as low as 5e-5, while a sandy layer may be around 0.02 or higher. cm sec-1 1e-8 to 0.1  
SWCLIM(1-10) Amount of volumetric soil water content below the wilting point to which each soil layer can dry. That is, the minimum soil water content = wilting point - SWCLIM. Typically < 0.01. cm H2O per cm soil < wilting point (AWILT(*)).  
RAINHR Average duration of a rain event. hours 1-24 4
FSUBLM Multiplier on sublimation amount according to the degree of wind exposure for the site.. For a high exposure site, use a value > 1.0.   1-2  
ALBSNW Shortwave albedo of snow. (Currently not used, but still include in site.100 file.)   0-1  
ALBVEG Shortwave albedo of vegetation. (Currently not used, but still include in site.100 file.)   0-1  

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