Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

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Natural and Environmental Sciences Building (NESB)

B215 Francis Clark Conf. Room B224 E-Conference Room Polycom VoIP starphone Zoom video conferencing

A105c Student Conference Room A319 NESB Third Floor

Time Event Location Calendar Category
12a – 1a NREL/ESS Soup & Science - Codie Wilson NREL event not in NESB
8:30a – 10a NREL EC Meeting B215 Francis Clark Conf. Room
8:30a – 11a CCC Fellows Meeting B224 E-Conference Room
9a – 11a CCC Fellows Meeting Zoom video conferencing
1p – 2p NREL Communications Committee B224 E-Conference Room
2:15p – 3:45p BANR FVS B224 E-Conference Room
3p – 4p Kampf group meeting B215 Francis Clark Conf. Room