Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory


SSI 2011 - Francesca Cotrufo


Immersing audiences in authentic scientific practices

NREL strives to create exceptional education and outreach resources, provide opportunities for immersion into scientifc research practices, and ensure eduational materials are available to diverse audiences.  We serve K-12 teachers and students, student clubs and organizations, adult learning communities, adult volunteers, and citizen scientists across the globe. Our mission is to effectively bring our science to various publics in innovative and engaging ways. 


Education and Outreach goals:

1.  Provide experiential, hands-on science education opportunities to all facets of education and the public.

2.  Connect and involve K-12 education with authentic research at Colorado State University.

3.  Communicate and share our scientific knowledge and discoveries with our communities.

4.  Effectively bridge gaps between science and the public by working to make our science and scientists more accessible and easy to understand.  



K-12 Education Research

K-12 Teacher Education (Professional Development)

Adult Education & Outreach


To become involved with NREL Education, please contact the K-12 Education Coordinator at