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    CSU and the National Climate Assessment

    US map of water stressThe findings of the third National Climate Assessment released this week closely reflect current conditions in Colorado.

    More high-heat days in the summer? Check. Heavier precipitation and more frequent floods? Check. Drought and water restrictions? Check. More devastating storms in no deposit mobile casino bonus summer and winter? Check.

    “Climate change is here and now,” said Dennis Ojima, university director of the North Central Climate Science Center, professor of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability in the Warner College of Natural Resources, and senior researcher in the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. He was one of the lead authors of theGreat Plains chapter of the NCA. “This report documents the effects of climate change throughout the nation and what we are doing to deal with these changes.”

    Climate change has significant impact on the Colorado economy, especially in the areas of agriculture/livestock production; water management; energy demand and production; brewing; tourism and recreation; wildlife habitat; wildland-urban interface; fire management, to name a few.

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    John Moore- University Distinguished Teaching Scholar

    Dr. John MooreJohn Moore has been selected as a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar by Colorado State University – recognizing him as one of the most outstanding teachers in his discipline.

    Moore is head of CSU’s Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and director of CSU’s renowned Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. Moore’s leadership as the director of NREL has been transformative, and his intellectual advances in the field of soil ecology are routinely published in leading scientific journals.

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    Diana Wall elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    Dr. Diana WallDiana H. Wall, University Distinguished Professor; director of the School of Global Environmental Sustainability; Senior Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory; and professor of Biology at Colorado State University, is among the world's most accomplished leaders who have been elected members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

    The current membership of more than 4,600 individuals includes more than 250 Nobel laureates and more than 60 Pulitzer Prize winners.
    Wall is the first woman on the CSU faculty to become a member of the Academy, and only the second so honored; chemist Marshall Fixman was elected in 1970.

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    Conservationists crying wolf? Yellowstone's ecosystem more complex than previously understood

    However, new research by ecologists at CSU's Warner College of Natural Resources proves that many diverse variables must be taken into account to fully understand how ecosystems respond to changes in food web structures.

    “The effects of modifying a food web can’t be predicted by only studying one thing in isolation. No single force explains the patterns of plant establishment and growth in Yellowstone over the past three decades,” said CSU Professor Thompson Hobbs, co-author on the paper who is also a research scientist at CSU’s Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. “It has been popular and convenient to tell the romantic tale that wolves have restored Yellowstone. But our findings prove that it is not that simple.”

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