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Dennis Ojima awarded 'Champion of Nature and the Environment' medal

Ojima was presented the medal by S. Oyun, Minister of Nature, Environment and Green Development, at a ceremony at the State Palace in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.Ojima was presented the medal by S. Oyun, Minister of Nature, Environment and Green Development, at a ceremony at the State Palace in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Ojima studies effects of global climate change on ecosystems, carbon accounting methods for forest sequestration, and adaptation and mitigation strategies for climate change collaboration. For the past two decades, he has led and supported social-ecological research in Mongolia, focusing on protecting fragile and endangered ecosystems and pastoral ways of life. His collaborative work has helped Mongolian scientists to increase their skills in natural resource research methodology and management, and he has supported Mongolian scientific contributions to research efforts on a global scale.

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Scientists studying impacts of High Park Fire

Dr. Michael Lefsky

Supported by a National Science Foundation RAPID grant, the project is integrating airborne remote sensing data collected by NEON’s Airborne Observation Platform (AOP) with ground-based data from a targeted field campaign conducted by CSU researchers. This is the first time a comprehensive airborne remote sensing system of this caliber has been used to enhance research on wildfire causes and impacts. The system detected remaining vegetation, identified plant species, ash cover, soil properties and other details to help illustrate how the fire burned – over the span of the entire fire scar.

CSU’s research team for the project is comprised of 11 scientists across multiple disciplines and is led by project principal investigator Michael Lefsky, associate professor in the Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability and researcher with CSU's Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. The project has been conducted in collaboration with local, state and federal agencies and land managers to enable solution-oriented results that will best support restoration needs of the community

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New undergraduate Ecological Researcher program celebrates first year cohorts

SUPER student showing posterThe first cohort of the Skills for Undergraduate Participation in Ecological Research, or SUPER, program completed the program's first year and presented their ecological research and achievements at an academic poster session on May 8.

SUPER is a new program of Colorado State University’s renowned Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory that provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates to gain experience with a diverse selection of ecological research groups and leaders.

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Spring Seminar series speaker Patty Limerick- A realistic, sustainable future

Patty LimerickThis interactive seminar will be presented by Patty Limerick, Ph.D., Faculty Director and Chair of the Board of the Center of the American West, University of Colorado.

Join Limerick on May 10 as she explores ways to learn from the past and overcome the obstacles created by an overly idealized and perfected picture of a sustainable future.

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NREL's scientists strengthen partnerships in Africa

CSU delegation at Hawassa UniversityAt the end of 2012, a delegation from CSU traveled to Africa to sign Key Strategic Partnerships with Hawassa University in Ethiopia and University of Nairobi in Kenya.

Decades of collaboration
The two strategic partnerships are the culmination of decades of ongoing collaboration and outreach efforts between CSU researchers and their African counterparts, and with the support of University leaders will help to strengthen institutional cohesion and expand opportunities for even greater multidisciplinary collaboration in the future.

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