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Bayesian Upload Documents

Bayesian Document Upload

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Required Supporting Documents

Please make sure that you have created an Bayesian application before uploading Required Supporing Documents. If you have not yet created an application, you can do that  here. Thank you.

The Required Supporting Documents are:

  1. Curriculum Vitae (2-page max)
  2. Answer Questions for applicants, see below. Please limit to half a page per question. (submit only .pdf, .doc or .docx formats)

Questions for applicants

  1. Please describe your opportunities for sharing what you would learn in the course with others through teaching, mentoring, or informal learning groups.

  2. We seek applicants who will be able to use the material taught to increase the scholarly impact and the application of their research to solve pressing environmental problems. Please describe how learning this material will enable research outcomes that would otherwise be out of reach to you. Describe the potential impact of those outcomes.

  3. What resources are available at your institution for learning Bayesian methods?

  4. A important goal of the course is to expand the diversity of ecological researchers using Bayesian methods. This diversity has many dimensions: age, ethnicity, gender identification, career stage, geography, employing institution, and professional experience notable among them. Please describe how your participation in the course would further our ability to meet this goal.

  5. Please describe your proficiency in R programming.


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