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Global Environment Facility Soil Organic Carbon
Case Studies


United Nations Environment Programme  

Assessment of soil organic carbon stocks and change at national scale.

This project was coordinated by The University of Reading, UK.   Development of the GEFSOC modelling system was headed by NREL, Colorado State University, USA, who are now managing the system, the web site, and associated data sets.

About the Project

Project No: GFL/2740-02-4381

This project aims to develop and demonstrate generic tools which quantify the impact of land management and climate scenarios on carbon sequestration in soils. Specific research objectives include:

  • (i) identify and use long-term experimental datasets to systematically evaluate and refine modeling techniques to quantify carbon sequestration potential in tropical soils;

  • (ii) define, collate and format national-scale soils, climate and land-use datasets and to use them in the development of coupled modeling-GIS tools to estimate soil carbon stocks;

  • (iii) demonstrate these tools by estimating current soil organic carbon stocks at country-scale (using India, Jordan, Kenya and Amazon-Brazil as case studies) and to compare these estimates with the existing techniques of combining soil mapping units and interpolating point data; and

  • (iv) quantify the impact of defined changes in land use on carbon sequestration in soils with a view to assisting in the formulation of improved policies to optimize resource use in the four case-study countries Brazil, India, Jordan and Kenya.

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