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We work to understand the decisions people in rangelands make, and
what allows some groups to be resilient. Rangelands comprise about 25% of the earth's surface and support more than 20 million people and most of the world's charismatic megafauna. People in these rangelands herd livestock and are dependent on the environment. But environments are changing rapidly, with increased populations, land tenure changes, and climate variability.

This project is about understanding uncertainty and change in this linked human-environment system. We use an integrated modeling approach. With an agent-based modeling linked to ecological models we will investigate the factors that enable people to make decisions so they can be resilient to uncertainty. With work we have done in Mongolia, the northern U.S. Great Plains and in East Africa we will investigate the human-ecological effects in the face of change.

In these pages you will find a lengthier introduction, more detailed descriptions of our research, the sites we study, research products, and contacts for us.

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