November 1999
Shauna Burnsilver began a year-long effort of field-work in Kajiado District, Kenya.

September 1999
Angello Mwilawa visited Colorado State University for several weeks, learning about IMAS and the Savanna Modeling System. It was also a pleasure introducing Angello to snow, for the first time.

During Mr. Mwilawa's visit, we at CSU were also fortunate to be joined by Dr. Feetham Banyikwa. We discussed Senengeti range ecology, the Savanna Modeling System, and possible future collaborations.

August 1999
Jeff Worden returned to Kenya, to begin field-work in Kajiado District, Kenya.

July 1999
A workshop entitled "Integrated Modeling, Assessment, and Management of Regional Wildlife-Livestock Ecosystems in East Africa" was held at the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya, from July 6-8. A report is available. Our thanks to the many people who worked to make this workshop a success.

Mike Coughenour, Jim Ellis, Terry McCabe, and Randy Boone returned to the US from a successful series of demonstrations of IMAS in Tanzania. The efforts of Patricia Moehlman and Kathy Galvin ensured that things went smoothly. Our thanks to Onyango Okello, Alan Kijazi, Victor Runyoro, Dr. James Kahurananga, Professor Alfeo Nikundiwe, Professor Rashidi Kidunda, Bjørn Figenschou, and Paul Leslie. All were very helpful in making these meetings a success.
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