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This site is designed to act as an information source for researchers working on land related projects in Eurasia. The site aims to bring together links to existing networks, projects and researchers in the region or working in the region. The site does not present any new information, rather it brings together links to relevant website, data sources, details of meetings etc.

The Northern Eurasia Earth System Science Partnership Initiative (NEESPI) is an active, yet evolving program of internationally-supported Earth systems science research. The geographic focus of NEESPI is Northern Eurasia, an area of the globe that is undergoing significant changes with potential consequences for global change. The goal of NEESPI is to develop a comprehensive understanding of Northern Eurasian terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, biogeochemical cycles, surface energy, water cycles and human activities and their interaction with the biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere. Further details of the aims and objectives of NEESPI can be found at NEESPI has several focus research centres. The Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (NREL) at Colorado State University, USA is a NEESPI Focus Research Centre for Land Use Studies. As part of this role NREL have set up The Eurasia Land Network.

It is hoped that this site will enable researchers to identify potential project partners, inform them of forthcoming meetings and funding opportunities.

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Northern Eurasia Earth Science Partnership Initiative  Global Land Project

It will also be associated with a forthcoming 'China arid land' network.... details will be posted soon.

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