Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

NREL scientists played key roles in IPCC - Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 2007

Colorado State University scientists have been closely involved in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the Nobel Peace Prize announced on Oct. 12.

Other CSU contributors include Keith Paustian, Stephen Ogle and Rich Conant with the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. Paustian and Ogle served as Coordinating Lead Author and Lead Authors, respectively, on the IPCC National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Guidelines and Ogle was the Lead Author on a chapter dealing with greenhouse gas mitigation options in agriculture in the 4th Assessment Report. Conant and Paustian served as Lead Authors for a carbon cycle report, commissioned to review the status of carbon cycle science.

Beth Holland, NREL research scientist, was a Lead and Contributing Author of the IPCC 3rd Assessment Report, a Lead Author of the 4th Assessment Report and a participant in the IPCC special meeting on terrestrial carbon stocks. Doug Fox, senior research scientist, emeritus at the Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere, was the Coordinating Lead Author for the "Impacts of Climate Change on Mountain Ecosystems Chapter" in the IPCC 1995 Assessment.

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