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African Carbon Exchange Project (ACE)

Agroecosystems Blog (AGECOBlog)


Biocomplexity in African Savannas (BAS)

Bighorn Canyon NRA and the Pryor Moutain Wildhorse Range (BIGHORN)

CDOW Deer Project: Changes in key mule deer habitat (CDOW)

Century 4: the most tested and stable version (CENTURY)

Century5: the most recent version of CENTURY for use in research (CENTURY5)

Citizen Science

Climate Change Impacts on the Great Plains (CLIMATE_IMPACTS)

Colorado Ownership Management and Protection (COMap)

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP)

Chronic Wasting Disease Project (CWD)

DayCent: Daily Century Model

Decision-making and Rangeland Uncertainty DREAMA (DRU)

Eurasia Land Network (ELN)

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Assessment of Native and Exotic Plant Diversity (ESCALANTE)

Emissions Trading through Agricultural Carbon Sequestration (ETACS)

Forest Health Monitoring Vegetation Indicator Pilot (FHM)fhm

Global Environment Facility Soil Organic Carbon Project (GEFSOC)

Agriculture and Land Use National Greenhouse Gas Inventory Software: ALU Software Program (GHGTOOL)l

Colorado Front Range GK-12: connection kids & ecology (GK12)

Global Litter Invertebrate Decomposition Experiment (GLIDE)

Global Land Project (GLP)**

Central Great Plains Climate Change Impacts Assessment (GPA)

Colorado Wildlife Habitat Assessment Project, CDOW (HABITAT)

International Biodiversity Observation Year 2001-2002 (IBOY)

Integrated Management and Assessment System (IMAS)

Integrated Research Challenges: Terrestrial Carbon Model (IRC)

Developing Institutions and Capacity for Sheep and Fiber Marketing in Centeral Asia (KAZAK)

Kruger Park Eddy Covariance Study (KRUGER)

Landscape-scale Gap Analysis (LANDGAP)

Loch Vale Watershed Research Project (LVWS)

National Diversity Information Source, CDOW (NDIS)**

National Institute of Invasive Species Science (NIISS)**

Improvement of EOS using AMERIFLUX Grassland and Wheat Sites in ARM/CART region (OKFLUX)

Science Supporting Decisions on Managing Ungulates in U.S. National Parks (PARKGRAZE)

C Sequestration Through Improved Pasture Management (PASTURE)

Multi-scale Vegetation Sampling Program for the Central Grasslands (PLAINS)

Comparing Global Models of Terrestrail Net Primary Productivity (POTSDAM)

Eurasia Land Network (EURASIA)

Regional Hydro-Ecological Systems Simulations for LVWS (RHESSys)

Effects of Warming on Tundra Amount and Distribution in RMNP (ROCKY)

Correcting Extimates of Root Chemical Composition for Soil Contamination (ROOT_CHEM)

SAVANNA modeling project (SAVANNA)

Biocomplexity, Spatial Scale, and Fragmentation: Implication for Arid and Semi-arid Ecosystems (SCALE)

Shortgrass Steepe Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)

Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (SOIL)**

Space-Time Aquatic Resources Modeling and Analysis Program (STARMAP)

National Institute of Invasive Species Science (STOHLGREN)

Teton Bison Project (TETON)

United States Trace Gas Network (TRAGNET)

US Netowrk of Isotopes in Precipitation (USNIP)**

Vegetation Ecosystem Modeling and Analysis Project (VEMAP2)

University of Witwaterstrand climate forecast model for livestock (WITS)

Yellowstone National Park Willow Project- Snow Model (YELLOWSTONE)