Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

CSU and the National Climate Assessment

US map of water stressThe findings of the third National Climate Assessment released this week closely reflect current conditions in Colorado.

More high-heat days in the summer? Check. Heavier precipitation and more frequent floods? Check. Drought and water restrictions? Check. More devastating storms in summer and winter? Check.

“Climate change is here and now,” said Dennis Ojima, university director of the North Central Climate Science Center,  professor of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability in the Warner College of Natural Resources, and senior researcher in the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. He was one of the lead authors of the Great Plains chapter of the NCA.  “This report documents the effects of climate change throughout the nation and what we are doing to deal with these changes.”

Climate change has significant impact on the Colorado economy, especially in the areas of agriculture/livestock production; water management; energy demand and production; brewing; tourism and recreation; wildlife habitat; wildland-urban interface; fire management, to name a few.

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