Site Parameters: site.100 File

Site parameters can be stored in either a netCDF file, or a text-format site.100 file. A "100" file has the following organization:

Comment block (optional)
site-name (whitespace) site-description
site-ID-number (optional line)
*** (parameters in categories; lines begin with asterisks)

A site parameter name can be up to 20 characters without spaces. The site description can by up to 80 characters and contain spaces. The range of valid ID numbers is 0 to 232 - 1 (almost 4.3e9 values). Site parameter values are stored internally (usually) as 4-byte floating-point values with about 6 significant digits.

For example:

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#  Site parameters
#  Intended model: Century5 (monthly parameters)
#  Site type: temperate shortgrass
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
BNZ           Bonanza
*** Climate
5.185           PRECIP(1)
5.996           PRECIP(2)

The order in which categories and parameters are specified is fixed.

Parameters are organized into the following categories:

Additional Site Parameters for DayCent5

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