• Robin Reid was interviewed for the CBS program 60 minutes, more information and the full video of the segment are available directly from 60 minutes.

  • Randy Boone and other project personnel prepared this web site, released near the end of September 2009 and to be updated regularly.

  • In mid-June, 2010, we began providing to web users in the U.S., Kenya, and elsewhere images showing the pathways of individual wildebeest we are tracking. These images will be updated every day for two years.

  • Dr. Jim Graham, the Director of the International Biological Information System, placed wildebeest location data on the development portion of their web system. When released, users will be able to use advanced methods to query wildebeest location data.

  • On February 23, 2011, Jared Stabach presented an update on the current progress of our research at the Front Range Student Ecology Symposium here in Fort Collins, CO. A copy of this presentation is available for viewing.

Resting wildebeest