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Our team works in the USA, East Africa, and Mongolia.  Click on the study
site to learn more. Members of our research team have experience working in areas all over the globe. We selected three areas to use as study sites in DREAMAR. These areas have things in common, such as being inhabited by livestock producers and being fairly well-studied. The sites are also contrasts. For example, the Northern Great Plains site is developed, with out-migration of people, and family farms being purchased by corporate entities. Kajiado District and Bayankhongor Province are developing, with Kajiado inhabited by Maasai intensifying land use, and the Mongolians of Bayankhongor continuing to recover from an economic down-turn associated with the collapse of the Soviet system.

To learn more about any of the sites, click in the site in the map below or the links that follow.

Northern Great Plains, USA
Bayankhongor Province, Mongolia
Kajiado District, Kenya

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