Management Events

The following table describes the management events that are currently available. A management event consists of an event designator, which in *.sch files is a 4 letter mneumonic, and for some events, a field of additional information about the event.

Mneumonic Action Additional Information
CROP Specifies which crop is to be grown. Crop name from the crop parameter file. Optionally, CROP parameter values can specified after the event name, in brackets or parentheses using the form NAME=VALUE. Use brackets to enclose a parameter name that has parentheses. E.g., "CROP [MAIZ PRDX(1)=425]".
CULT Schedule a cultivation event. Cultivation event name from the cultivation parameter file.
DEPO (Century5 only.) Schedule a deposition event. Reads the deposition amount from the erosion file created in a previous simulation. None.
EROD (Century5 only.) Schedule an erosion event. If an erosion file is specified in the simulation management, erosion amounts will be written to that file. This file can then be used for deposition in subsequent simulations. Amount of soil to be lost in kg m-2 month-1. A second optional value specifies the enrichment factor.
EXTR Schedule an external event. The use of this event is determined by the particular implementation of the CENTURY model. The external event is implemented at end of the time step. Optional string to be passed to the external function.
FERT Schedule a fertilization event. Fertilization event name from the fertilization parameter file. Optionally, the FERAMT(*) values (gN/m2/month) can specified after the event name, in parentheses. E.g., "FERT (N5 5.2 1.0)" says "use event N5 but add 5.2 g N and 1.0 g P this month."
FIRE Schedule a fire event. Fire event name from the fire parameter file.
FRST First month of growth for crops and grasses. This must be specified in order for growth to begin. None.
GRAZ Schedule a crop/grass grazing event. Grazing event name from the grazing parameter file
HARV Schedule a harvest event. Harvesting automatically schedules a last month of growth (LAST) event. Harvest event name from harvest parameter file.
IRRI Schedule an irrigation event. Irrigation event name from the irrigation parameter file.
LAST Last month of growth for crops. None.
OMAD Schedule organic matter addition. Organic matter addition event name from the organic matter addition parameter database file. Optionally, specify an amount of carbon (parameter ASTGC) to be added; this amount replaces the ASTGC value in the parameter set for this month. The ASTGC value (gN/m2/month) is specified after the event name, in parentheses. E.g., "OMAD (M1 200)" says "use event M1 but add 200 g C this month."
PLTM Month in which the current crop is planted. This event is optional. If used, triggers use of crop parameter PLTMRF. See Shading Effect upon Production. None.
SENM Month of senescence for crops. None.
TFST First month of growth for a forest. None.
TLST Last month of growth for a forest. None.
TREE Designates which tree type is to be grown. Tree name from the tree parameter file.
TREM Schedule a tree removal event. Tree removal event name from tree removal parameter file.

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